The Ultimate Guide to glowing skin in winter 

In winter, protecting skin from being damaged becomes crucial. People do various things to make their skin healthy but are unable to achieve their goals. Lack of acknowledgement of right guidance becomes a major reason for it. In this discussion, we’re going to discuss an ultimate guide to glow your skin in winter. 

If you’re also using too many skin care products but didn’t get the desired results then there is a need for a guide to you. We’re here with some tips and suggestions for having glowing skin in winter. These tips are reviewed by doctors and medical professionals. A person following these tips will get super glowing and fresh skin this winter. 

Why does skin get damaged in winter? 

Several reasons define the reason for skin damage in winter. We have discussed some of the major reasons below:- 


During winter, low humidity is the biggest culprit for skin damage. Cold air attains less moisture. As a result, the skin struggles to retain its natural moisture. Skin leads towards dryness and cracking. 


Skin attains lots of protective oils. These oil particles help to keep the skin healthy and protect it from unwanted outdoor particles. Harsh winters during winter affect the protective oils and damage the skin cells. 

Long showers 

Some people have a habit of taking long showers daily. They spend too much time taking hot water showers. Taking long showers contributes to damage to your skin. How water strips the natural oils from the skin and makes it dry. You may face skin irritation issues when taking showers for long hours. 

Lack of Hydration 

People ignore drinking water in sufficient amounts which leads to dehydration. Staying well-hydrated is very crucial for maintaining a healthy skin. 

Sun exposure 

Even though winters have cool temperatures, harmful UV rays are still there. These rays impact the skin. People ignore using sun protection during summer and damage their skin. 

These are some of the major reasons that affect most people during winter. If any of the discussed reasons are affecting your skin then don’t worry because we have a solution for you. 

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How to get glowing skin in winter? 

Getting glowing skin in winter is not easy. Using some methods and taking some precautions will help you to get glowing skin in the winter season. To get nourished and hydrated skin in winter follow the below steps and enjoy winter with healthy and bouncy skin. 

Double cleansing 

The first and most primary step of winter’s skincare routine is double cleansing. Double cleaning is most important during winter, especially for those who travel a lot. This helps to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. 

Select an oil that suits your skin. All you have to do is to apply it every alternate night over the skin. You have to wash it with a cleaner the next day. Almond oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oils are some of the best picks for double cleansing. 


Using skin care products like facial scrub or cleanser is also a great option for nourishing your skin. This makes your winter skincare easier. Exfoliating will make your skin soft and supple. Furthermore, it will also remove dead skin cells from your face. Also, it makes your skin cleaner, brighter and shinier. 

To get the best result from exfoliating, we recommend you do it twice a week. This makes your skin clear and strengthens skin cells to deal with harsh winds and UV rays. 

Hydrating Serum 

Hydrating serum is also a superb skin care product for winter skincare. Serums are the best treatment for your skin. They’re required to keep the skin nourished. 

If you’re using Hydrating Serum that has a hyaluronic acid then it’s ideal for winter care. Hydrating serum helps to lock the moisture in the skin and keep the skin hydrated. 


One of the biggest reasons for skin damage is low humidity. This is the most common reason for skin damage during winter. By adding a humidifier to your daily skincare routine, you can keep your skin healthy. Humidity can help in maintaining skin hydration. 

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Make sure that you have a humidifier. You have to use it on your face. It helps to keep your skin moisturized. A humidifier helps to deal with the issue of low humidity during winter days. 

Daily moisturizer 

During winter, your hands and feet get dry instantly. To make your skin care effective keep them clean by washing them daily. Also, use moisturizers and lotions to strengthen the skin cells. 

During winter, you have to apply more moisturizer that has SPF. If you’re not friendly to applying more and more moisturizer to your skin then a decent amount of moisturizer and lotion will also help to maintain your skin health. 

Using Face Mask 

As we have discussed above, in winter we generally consume less amount of liquids. This leads to skin dehydration and makes the skin rough. To keep it hydrated we should drink a decent amount of liquids daily. Also, using a face mask for the skin is a great option. 

The face mask is super important to hydrate your skin. Doctors and skin specialists also advise using a clean, non-drying face mask every alternate day. Applying a face mask for only 15-20 minutes will keep your skin hydrated and active. 

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