Mastering Pet Import: A Guide to Importing Dogs & Cats to Singapore

If you’re planning to bring your beloved furry friend to the vibrant island nation of Singapore, you’re in for a treat! But before you and your pet start dreaming of sunny days in the Lion City, there are some important steps to follow to ensure a smooth and stress-free pet import process. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this guide to mastering pet import for dogs and cats in Singapore.

Understanding Singapore’s Pet Import Regulations

First things first, Singapore takes pet import very seriously. The city-state has stringent regulations in place to maintain a rabies-free environment. All dogs and cats imported into Singapore must meet specific requirements to protect the health of both animals and humans.

Before you start packing, make sure to:

1. Check the breed: Singapore has breed restrictions in place, particularly for dogs. Breeds like Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are not allowed, and others might require a special license. Research and confirm if your pet’s breed is permitted.

2. Microchip your pet: A microchip is essential for pet identification. Make sure it meets the ISO 11784/11785 standard. This is usually your pet’s first step in becoming a well-travelled globetrotter! To learn more, visit

3. Get your pet vaccinated: Ensure your pet is up to date with its vaccinations, including rabies. Your fur baby’s rabies vaccine should be administered at least 30 days before the date of arrival but not more than a year. 

4. Health certificate: A veterinarian must issue a health certificate within seven days of your pet’s arrival. It’s like a passport for your pet’s health!

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5. Tapeworm treatment: Dogs must receive treatment against tapeworms within 45 days of entering Singapore.

6. Arrival procedures: Upon arrival, your pet will undergo a health examination and might be subject to quarantine, depending on your pet’s origin. Make sure your pet is in good health and appearance to pass this inspection with flying colours.

To make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible, consider the following:

1. Prepare a cozy crate: Make your pet’s quarantine space as comfortable as possible by including its favourite blanket or toy.

2. Regular visits: Check the visiting hours at the quarantine facility and plan to visit your pet regularly to offer comfort and reassurance.

3. Provide contact details: Make sure the facility has all your contact information in case they need to reach you for any reason.

Preparing for Arrival

Once you’ve taken care of all the prerequisites, it’s time to get ready for your pet’s arrival in Singapore. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Choose an airline: Select an airline that accommodates pet travel and has a good track record in handling animals.

2. Book in advance: Make pet travel reservations well in advance to secure your pet’s spot.

3. Acquire an import permit: You’ll need to apply for an import permit from Singapore’s Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS). This should be done at least two weeks before your pet’s arrival.

4. Pet insurance: Consider getting pet insurance to cover any unexpected expenses during your pet’s journey or stay in Singapore.

Please note that regulations and requirements can change, so always check with the official authorities or consult with a professional pet relocation service to ensure you have the most up-to-date information for your pet’s journey.

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