How to use videos to boost your tech brand?

With the current advancement in AI, tech is booming. And, there’s no wonder why. Artificial intelligence has made everyone’s job a lot easier.

Whether you’re a marketer, or a software developer, getting your job done has never been as efficient as it is today.

But what if you’re a brand or a tech advocate who want to get the noise around your product or SaaS solution? How will you go about marketing your product to a technical audience? Or let’s say to your ideal customer profiles (IDPs).

Having a blog is cool to educate and inform an audience. It seems to have worked quite nicely for brands of the past, and the SEO game is still working for several brands today.

But, is it the only thing you should rely on for your content mix?

Well, no. There are several fascinating ideas. One of them is video content. If you ever thought of diversifying you content mix, video has to be that special ingredient that will nail the recipe to perfection.

In the US, video content alone is said to have a market penetration of more than 80%. That’s where it all becomes very interesting for tech marketers and entrepreneurs.

In this blog, I’ll walk you through some of the precious benefits of incorporating video content in your tech business marketing strategy.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

Know your goals

First thing you want to do is know your goals. Most brands in the tech space opt for tech video production as they want to achieve diverse objectives in one go. These can be any of the following;

  • Boost sales of SaaS product
  • Drive more leads
  • Boost brand awareness with social videos
  • Build convincing social proof

Know that these are four of the most common goals that are pursued by organizations. Plus, it’s worth knowing that at a time you can target all of these goals. In case you don’t have the budget for everything, don’t fret.

Making videos to achieve one goal will automatically mean progress for another goal. For instance, your social posts on LinkedIn might be done with objective to raise brand awareness. As you do that, you also increase the chances of getting more qualified leads.

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Focusing on the above goals for your tech video marketing campaign can skyrocket growth of your company in no time. But before you start creating videos, here’s a little piece of advice:

Make sure to host team brainstorming sessions. Review the available data and decide upon what kind of content mix will work for your brand. Remember, it’s best to make smart choices than double down on the volume of videos without seeing any clear benefit in the form of greater reach and more leads.

Repurpose content into videos

Next thing you can do level up your tech marketing is repurpose content into videos. If you’re in the B2B space, you already know blogs work absolutely gold to draw in more leads and turn them into high-interest buyers.

While you want to nurture them through emails, it’s always a great idea to don’t leave the money on the table. By that I mean there must be a lot of people who would land on your top blog posts, but wouldn’t bother reading it, even for a minute.

That’s where repurposing comes in. Now you’ve the job to repurpose blogs into video content. You don’t need to overdo with visuals. A simple touch of motion graphics would do absolutely fine.

In case you don’t have the skills do nail the job, you can always hire for affordable motion graphics services.

Host events on socials

By 2025, the number of social media users is expected to grow to an astounding 4.4 billion. Sites include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People will flock to these platforms to collect with families and friends and even socialize. More importantly, they’ll interact with all kinds of businesses.

So, there’s massive potential for churning in more viewers and turning them into subscribers, and even recurring buyers. One of the best ways to do that is hosting live events on social.

Lots of content creators and tech entrepreneurs are already doing it in shape of educational webinars and AMA sessions.

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Events allow new visitors to come in contact with key representatives of your company. You can always capitalize on such an opportunity to bring in more potential leads for your business.

Having you audience connected with your brand on socials also helps in fostering an informal contact with them. Host webinars around topics that concern your audience more than anything else.

People want solutions to their problems. So, consider having an agenda to address all pain points while also serving promising solutions for each. That will help in boosting your tech products in front of your audience.

You might as well want to follow-up with high-interest participants or buyers, and see if you can somehow close the deal with them, while assuring that expectations from both sides are clear.

Collect feedback and tailor video mix

Last but not the least, you want to have feedback on your video content. It’s really important to know if viewers actually like your content. Holding an Ask me anything session can help you with that.

Pay close attention to their questions, pain points and ambiguity they have with regard to the features of your solution. Figure out how you can address the questions with a creative video script, and an easy-to-digest video.

Wrapping up

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we gave you a thorough guide on how you can use videos to accelerate marketing of your tech products and services. We started off with defining goals for video production, and then hopped on to the need to repurpose some of your top performing blogs.

So, you don’t just create videos, but also cater to the high volume of search intents, and deliver the best education. Next, we shared why hosting live events on social can be perfect to introduce your BD team, and how it would work absolutely fine introduce your brand, and draw in quality leads without costing you much.