The woolly coat and the tall height of the Waterside Terrier or Bingley Terrier can attract a pet parent looking to spend their life with an active and energetic breed like this. These dogs can astound anyone with their endurance and stamina. You can easily confuse them with Jack Russel Terriers or Yorkshire Terriers, but their robust, bigger build makes them stand apart from many of their Terrier fellows. Bringing this medium-large canine friend home means having an alert guard that will immediately vocalize their suspicion. Do you want an intelligent breed like this?

You can call them Bingley Terrier, Waterside Terrier, or by the most popular name, Airedale Terrier. No matter the choice of name, this terrier breed is known for its outgoing and bold behavior. These super active dogs can constantly bark and run. Do you plan to own one of them? Let’s gather some crucial details about the king of terriers to understand why you should have one.

Overall characteristics of Airedales

With 22-24 inches in height and long legs, these terriers can be around 50-80 pounds. They can be medium but are still the largest of all their counterparts. The facial features include a long-square face, clean folded ears, and mustaches. Their tails are another exciting characteristic. Left uncropped, these can grow into a dramatic curl. These terriers can be tan in color with black spots. Indeed, Airedales are pleasantly unique looking. Like their physical appearance, their temperament is also a distinguishing side. You heard about their boldness and tenacity. Some find them stubborn as well. But those who are yet to experience their companionship should know that these terriers get along very well with kids and are loyal to humans. 

Hence, choosing an Airedale will be easy if you have kids. Their friendly and playful nature will suit the happy environment. Because they are naturally intelligent, you can train them hassle-free. 

Caring for Airedales

Choosing a male or female Airedale depends on size and weight preference. Females tend to be smaller and 10-15 pounds lighter than their male versions. Some consider females because they mature early and seem calmer than grown-up males. However, one should know that female Airedales can be highly aggressive with same-sex dogs. If you plan to have two dogs, ensure one is male, and the other is female. As for diet, these dogs lose tremendous energy due to their agile nature. That’s why giving them the right type and amount of food is essential. You can buy dry kibbles containing 20 to 25% crude protein with balanced mineral and vitamin content. Choose a dog food variety suitable for medium or large species.

Training them can be easy or difficult, depending on their mood. Since they are smart, they will pick things quickly and obey your commands. But their stubborn side may sometimes demand you to be more patient with them. Treat them with confidence if you want them to follow your rules.

Getting a pet dog or any other animal is a big decision. That’s why knowing about a dog breed’s good and bad sides is critical for a fair understanding of ways to handle and mingle with them.